1st Regiment, AFM is organised as a light infantry Battalion. The Regimental Headquarters is based at Lyster Barracks in Hal Far and is under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Edric Zahra, AFM.
1st Regiment is task organised into a Headquarters Company, three Infantry Companies and an Air Defence and Support Company (D Company ).  It is the AFM’s main land manoeuvre Unit.
•Secure locations of strategic and national interest.
•Maintain Force Elements at Readiness (FEAR) to deploy on crises management operations (CMO).
•Be prepared to support civil authorities in exceptional circumstances or in times of national distress. 
1st Regiment AFM is organised into the following Companies:
Regimental Headquarters
Headquarters Company
Headquarters Company, 1 Regt AFM provides combat service support to the other manoeuvre subunits of the Unit.  The combat consists of a Company Headquarters (CHQ) and the following sections:
•Motor Transport
'A' CompanyA Company
'A' Company's mission is to secure the Malta International Airport.  This task is carried out by performing patrols, close observation and access control procedures to restricted areas.
A Company is task organized into a Company Headquarters and four infantry platoons and operates at high readiness to intervene in exceptional circumstances occurring at the Malta International Airport. 'A' Company maintains a sizeable female personnel complement to ensure that access control procedures are as efficient as possible.
B Company'B' Company

‘B’ Company mission is to secure vulnerable and key points which include national critical infrastructures and government buildings.
It consists of a Company Headquarters and five infantry platoons.  'B' Company personnel are often engaged in ceremonial and security tasks when foreign dignitaries visit Malta.
'C' CompanyC Company
'C' Company is tasked with maintaining Force Elements at Readiness (FEAR) able to deploy on local or foreign operations at short notice.  C  Company is often deployed in challenging and demanding environments requiring specialised and agile capabilities. 
It consists of a Company Headquarters and three infantry platoons, also maintaining sustainable sniper and close protection teams.
dcoy.jpg'D' Company
The D Company is tasked with providing combat support to the Force.  It is responsible for generating dedicated fire support by deploying mortars, heavy machine guns or anti–tank weapons as required. 
The company has the additional capability of providing point ground based air defence.