protector class


Displacement (tonnes)   92 (full load)
Dimensions (metres) – (feet)   26.5 x 5.8 x 1.6 – 86.94 x 19.03 x 5.25
Speed (knots)   25
Range (NM)   900 at 8 16kts
Complement   10 (1 Officer)
Machinery   2 MTU 8V 396TE94 diesels; 2, 680 hp(m) (1.97 MW) 2 shafts
Guns   2 x 12.7mm MGs
Radars   Navigation I-Band
Built by Bollinger Shipyards to US Coast Guard specification. The vessels are based on the hull of the Damen Stan Patrol 2600 in service with the Hong Kong police. It has a steel hull with GRP superstructure. Vessels deploy their 5.5m RHIB by means of a stern ramp, aft of vessel. P51 was commissioned on 18 November 2002 whilst P52 was commissioned on 7 July 2004.

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