p61 underway with helo


Displacement (tonnes)   399 (full load)
Dimensions (metres) – (feet)   53.4 x 8.1 x 5.4 – 175.2 x 26.57 x 17.72
Speed (knots)   23
Range (NM)   2, 100 at 16kts
Complement   25 (4 Officers)
Machinery   2 Isotta Fraschini V1716T2 MSD diesels; 6, 335 hp (4.7 MN) 2 shafts
Guns   1 x OTO BREDA 25mm; 2 x 12.7mm MGs
Radars   Surface Search E/F-Band; Navigation I-Band
Helicopters   Platform is capable to take 1 x Medium Helicopter
Financed through the 5th Italo-Maltese Protocol. The contract was signed on 12 March 2004 with Fincantieri S.p.A Italy for the construction of one offshore vessel. P61 was commissioned on 03 November 2005. The contract included a training and logistics package. P61’s design is based on the ‘DICIOTTI’ (modified SAETTIA) class vessels in service with the Italian Coast Guard ,however, upgraded and modified with a helicopter deck and stern ramp for launching a 7 metre RHIB.

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