Ever wondered what jobs are available within the Armed Forces of Malta? Personnel within the AFM have the possibility of working and training in various careers. Here's a list of 12 different career opportunities, amongst many others, that are available within the Force.


The Armed Forces of Malta commits itself on a continuous investment of enlisting a strategic number of individuals on an annual basis in order to keep pace with the yearly commitments and achieve its’ mission both local and overseas. This page will provide the interested applicant on the minimum requirements needed to join the AFM, and information on the difference between applying as a Regular Soldier or as an Officer Cadet. 


The AFM provides Maltese citizens with an opportunity to serve for their country, however the job involves significant challenges in safeguarding national sovereignty and perform its’ primary defence functions successfully. Therefore, it is vital that the selection process for enlistment within the Force is set to a high standard in order to ensure that the right individuals are selected for the job.


Join the Volunteer Reserve Force and extend your career! Today, your retirement from the Armed Forces of Malta does not mean the end of your military career. Whether you have completed your 25 years of service, or following discharge from the Regular Force prior to that, all AFM members are being given the opportunity to continue contributing their skills and knowledge even after retirement!


The Armed Forces of Malta has a number of Calls for Enlistment throughout the year for Regular Soldiers, Regular Soldiers with Trades, Regular Soldiers with a Musical Background, Officers and Pilots. Follow this link to download your application form and begin your Recruitment Process.  ​