Extend Your Career

New scheme for the Volunteer Reserve Force! 

Today, your retirement from the Armed Forces of Malta does not mean the end of your military career. Whether you have completed your 25 years of service, or following discharge from the Regular Force prior to that, all AFM members are being given the opportunity to continue contributing their skills and knowledge even after retirement!

     working an average of 12-19 hours per week
     retaining  your rank and the respective remuneration per hour
     posted according to the exigencies of the service and individual specialised skills
     no risk in losing your pension
     continue serving in the VRF until the age of 61 

Application Process:
During your retirement process, you will be asked whether you intend to be considered to join the VRF. Application forms will then be submitted to a higher authority for further consideration. Interested personnel can apply for up to 3 years after the date of your retirement.
Kindly refer to the related documents section situated on the left-hand side for further detail.​
You may also contact AFM Records Office or Human Resources Management Branch at Headquarters AFM.​