Officer or Soldier?​

There are two recruitment schemes available with the Regular Force - An Officer Career and a Soldier Career. 

Officer Cadets are trained to be good soldiers and admirable leaders. When commissioned as Second Lieutenants a year after enlistment, they will take decisions effecting a number of soldiers under their respective command. The tactical mindset and decision making process based on the principles of loyalty, determination and integrity will be highly sought after - even more so as they progress through the ranks. 

Regular Force Soldiers are taught all the necessary soldiering skills such as ceremonial drill and skill at arms. Following fifteen weeks of recruitment, in the rank of Gunners, the soldiers are given specialised training according to the Unit they have been assigned to. Gunners have the opportunity to move up the ranks according to their commitment and eventually reaching leadership roles as their career progresses. 

Eligibility Requirements​

- The basic starting pay of a Gunner is Government Salary Scala 16, which increases to Scale 14 in 4 years;

- The basic starting pay of an Officer Cadet is Government Salary Scale 12, increasing to Scale 9 once commissioned to Second Lieutenant;

- A special monthly allowance every four weeks, and other allowances for specialist services;

- An annual trade allowance for soldiers working in particular trades;

- Double rate of pay on Sundays and Public Holidays;

- Free military clothing and equipment;

- Free medicine and medical care; 

- Eligibility for a full pension upon completion of 25 years of service;

- Continuous training and investment.