Recruitment Process

​The Selection Process 

When a call to fill vacant posts is published, all those who wish to serve within the Force would be required to go through a selection process. Calls for applications may be issued for various positions at different levels within the Force and the eligibility criteria, both basic and more specific, is subject to the nature of enlistment taking place together with the entry requirements stipulated in the Government Gazette as deemed essential by the Human Resources Management Branch. 

The purpose of the selection process is to test the ability and potential of the applicants in the most relevant assessments to the vacant posts and identify the best recruits. Over the last two years the AFM has replaced its’ former selection process of selecting those who express their interest to enlist as Regular Soldiers and Officer Cadets with the introduction of a new modus operandi. The intention was twofold. To retain interested applicants and to give them a tangible experience of what they would be encountering in the first few months of their military career. The former selection process could last over a good number of months with all the necessary intervals between assessments. Thus, by combining the three main selection phases in one day (Parts I, III and IV below) we have reduced this timeline to three months.
This process now takes place on a yearly basis and consists of the following phases:
Part I - Physical Efficiency Test
Part II - Written Examination - (conducted by the Director of Examinations and the Board of Local Public Examinations on pre-determined dates stipulated in the Government Gazette)
Part III - Interview
Part IV - Military Test
Part V - Medical Examination
During this intensive experience, applicants go through the Physical Efficiency Test, the Interview, and a Basic Military Test. These assessments will last for one working day and will take place in Luqa Barracks where candidates will have the opportunity to see whether a military career would be the right path for them. By close of business we would be in a position to identify the potential recruits. However, successful candidates would then be called for the final phase (Part V), the Medical Examination, and their enlistment would be subject to be found medically fit for duty to Regular Force standard.

The candidates are required to complete all the assessments in order to be considered to have successfully passed the AFM selection process.

Towards the end of this experience, the potential recruits are required to clean their accommodation facilities used throughout the day to a satisfactory standard. An inspection is carried out by the directing staff as per usual procedure, and should this be acceptable, that would mark the end of the AFM selection process day.