Regular Soldier Eligibilty Requirements
 Applicants must:
- be Maltese citizens;
- be eighteen (18) years of age by closing date of application and not have reached the age of thirty (30) by closing day of call for enlistment;

- be of good moral character;
- be not less than the minimum height required, i.e. 1.57m for males and 1.52m for females and of acceptable body weight in proportion to height;
- not have excessive tattoos, but definitely not on face and neck or tattoos that are offensive, extremist, indecent or racist on any part of the body;

and one must be in possession of: 

(i) a pass in English language, Maltese language and Mathematics at MQF Level 2 (at least at Grade E or 7, or a comparable level);
(ii) a recognised qualification at MQF Level 2, or a Secondary School Certificate and Profiling qualification at MQF Level 2, awarded not earlier than 2015.  In both cases, components in English language, Maltese language and Mathematics must be included as core subjects.
(iii) be successful in a written examination in the required subject/s (English language, Maltese language and Mathematics​) which shall be conducted by the Director (Examinations) and the Board of Local Public Examinations as part of this Selection Process.  

Qualifications at a level higher than that specified above will be accepted for eligibility purposes, provided they meet any specified subject requirements.

Applicants who are waiting for the publication of the results of any of the qualifications indicated above may still apply provisionally but will have to present their required certificates by the date of the interview.