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Military Rank
Military Rank is a system of hierarchical relationships in the Armed Forces of Malta organized along military lines. The uniforms denote the bearer's rank with particular insignia affixed to the uniforms. Ranking systems have been known to be advantageous during military operations particularly with regards to logistics, command, and coordination. As time continued and military operations became larger and more complex, military ranks increased and ranking systems themselves became more complex.
The AFM command hierarchy(Lowest to Highest);
Enlisted Rank - Gunner, Lance Bombardier, Bombardier, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant,
Warrant Officer Rank - Warrant Officer Class 2, Warrant Officer Class 1,
Officer Rank - Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier
Rank Insignia
Appointment refers to an instrument by virtue of which the person exercises his or her authority. Officers are appointed by a Presidential Commission.
NCOs are appointed by an instrument of appointment - a written document, often a certificate, usually from the service commander. Entry into service is often referred to as enlistment even though they are not technically enlisted. ​
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