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The full battle load of a Rapid Deployment Platoon soldier (R.D.P.) of the AFM Maritime Squadron roughly weighs up to 15-20 Kg and includes body protection, safety equipment, specialist equipment and an individual weapon. The body protection includes a Kevlar helmet, which is capable of stopping small calibre rounds, fast roping gloves used in aerial insertions, a British made S10 gas mask and a bullet proof vest, which when equipped with trauma plates, can stop up to a 7.62mm X 39mm calibre round.
The safety equipment includes a first aid kit, a buoyant vest or inflatable life vest, used in case a member goes overboard, a military distress marker, which is used as an indicator and is normally worn on the helmet or on the vest. Uvex goggles serve as protection for the eyes.
The specialist kit is the equipment used to ensure success in each and every operation conducted by the Rapid Deployment Team. All the items below are kept in their respective pouches. Such items include a flashlight, a radio and VOX (i.e. means of communication between one member and another), a multi-combination tool and a Camelback hydration pack, capable of storing up to 3L of water.
In every operation, each member of the Rapid Deployment Team uses the MLE (Maritime Law Enforcement) belt. The MLE belt holds an expandable baton, used as an alternative when there is no need for lethal force. Hand cuffs are used to arrest suspects while pepper spray is used to distort any non-compliant person. Other equipment includes, magazine pouch used for both primary and secondary weapons ,a first aid pouch, a drop-leg pistol holster and a mini-maglite flashlight.
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