HQ AFM is the Force Headquarters located at Luqa Barracks, Luqa having as it's Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel John Stroud, AFM​. It is a joint Headquarters that operates at the military strategic as well as the operational and tactical levels.
Members serving on the staff of the Force Headquarters previously served in either the land, air or maritime components of the Force.

The Force Headquarters is supported by the Operations Centre that is co-located in Luqa Barracks.
Human Resources Management Branch: Deals with personnel management, manpower administration, welfare/chaplaincy, recruitment, promotions, Public Affairs Office(PAO), state ceremonial, civil-military co-operation and provost matters.
International Affairs Branch:  Responsible for international affairs, bi-lateral and multi-Lateral affairs to include EU Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) matters, Organisation for the Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) matters, 5 Plus 5 Defence Initiative matters, NATO PfP matters, military to military relations and supporting Maltese participation in overseas crisis management operations.
Operations, Plans and Intelligence Branch: Responsible for the coordination of land, air and maritime operations and military intelligence.
Integrated Logistics Branch: Responsible for major procurement projects, integrated logistics support and combat service support as well as health and safety, contracting works and the maintenance of defence estate and engineering.
Capabilities and Training Branch: Responsible for the coordination of the Force's local and overseas training and education programs including exercise planning and execution.
Financial Management Branch: Provides advice on all matters related to public finance issues and applicable regulations. This Branch is also responsible for the administration of the AFM Finance and Pay Offices, assists in drawing up the AFM's annual budget requirements and  exercises control over the capital and recurrent expenditure of the Force.  

Property Management and Development Branch: Responsible in managing the AFM's property infrastructure and ensures strategic management of the defence estate as a whole, optimising investment and providing the best support possible to the military. This includes the building of new property, as well as the upkeep and maintenance of energy services.


1 Regiment, is an infantry battalion and is based at Lyster Barracks, Hal Far.  3 Regiment has a combat support role and operates from Safi Barracks, Safi. 4 Regiment acts in the combat service support role is located in Luqa Barracks. The Maritime Squadron provides the maritime component of the Force and operates from Haywharf Quay in Pieta.  The Air Wing​ is the air component of the Force and is based in the military zone of the Malta International Airport.  
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Headquarters AFM
Luqa Barracks
Luqa VLT2000

(+356) 2249 4016