3 Regiment

3 Regiment

3rd Regiment AFM is a combat support regiment whose role is to contribute to the support to AFM Units by deploying well-trained soldiers to provide adequate service support. Logistic and service support includes electrical and mechanical engineering maintenance and servicing, ammunition storage expertise, explosive ordinance disposal (EOD), and military diving and underwater EOD tasks.

An integral part of this Unit is field engineering capability which, apart from its normal peace time support back-up also performs engineer battlefield functions for the infantry units focusing on mobility, counter mobility and survivability.
Headquartered at Safi Barracks and under the command of Lieutenant Colonel James Thomas Grech AFM, this Unit is made up of the following sub-units:​

     Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Squadron
     Combat Engineer Squadron
     Ammunition & Explosives Squadron
Owing to their specialization, the mission of these sub-units varies greatly from one another, yet they all have in common basic soldiering skills mastered by each soldier at an individual level.
Armoury and Workshop Section

This section is responsible for maintenance and safe keeping of all Unit weapons as well as periodical inspections and repairs on all AFM weapons requiring specialized modification.
Regimental Police Section

These soldiers are responsible for enforcing compliance to regimental discipline of unit personnel as well as maintaining constant vigilance of the compound’s perimeter, thus maintaining Barracks security.
Motor Transport Section
Vehicle fleet management by this section involves ensuring that all Unit motor transport requirements are met. It provides the appropriate transport for sub-units to carry out daily duties. The section enforces vehicle maintenance schedules of the Unit's motorised assets and co-ordinates servicing plans with EME Sqn.
Electrical and Mechanical Engineer Squadron 
The EME Squadron provides equipment support to achieve and sustain the required level of operational availability of all land based equipment in service within the Force.
It does so by employing skilled tradesmen focusing on their field of expertise to perform varied jobs ranging from minor repairs to major mechanical overhauls.
It assists HQ AFM's Logistics Branch by monitoring vehicles' condition and makes appropriate recommendations suggesting disposal as well as procurement of new vehicles.
Combat Engineer Squadron
The Combat Engineer Squadron provides military engineer support.  Combat engineers are able to enhance mobility, deny mobility to opposing forces (counter mobility) and improve the survivability of soldiers by conducting battlefield works such as reinforced trenches and bunkers (survivability). It also supports infrastructure as well as engineer intelligence and information.
Construction Troop

The construction troop is made up of skilled tradesmen such as masons, painters and decorators, carpenters. Personnel assisting other Units in carrying out maintenance and refurbishment of the AFM's defence estate.

Electrical and Mechanical Troop

This troop supplies all other AFM units with specialised refrigeration and air-conditioning technicians. Welders, electricians and plumbers also form part of this troop and conduct works on AFM property and assets.

Plant Troop

Based at Pembroke Barracks, plant troop personnel perform works involving heavy plant utilizing wheeled or chained shovels, bulldozers, and tipper trucks to carry out AFM Engineer tasks. Personnel also assist other sub-units such as the Ammunition and Explosives Squadron in the aftermath of incidents such as fireworks factories explosions and relative clearance of the site there after. This troop is also called to assist the Civil Protection Department (CPD) in rescue operations during flash floods and incidents when heavy plant operators and equipment are required.

Ammunition & Explosives Squadron
Ammunition and Explosives Squadron provides conventional ammunitions, explosives and improvised explosives disposal. Work revolves around command and control, reconnaissance, location, access, identification, on site evaluation, rendering safe and final disposal. Site restoration of unexploded ordnance on land and underwater is also performed.
Diving reconnaissance, construction and demolition tasks as well as underwater search and recovery also form part of this squadron’s work.
The Squadron stores explosives, explosive accessories, explosive precursors and ammunition for both military and civilian use.
Logistics Section

Ammunition Technicians are responsible for storage, issue and maintenance of ammunition and explosives (both military and civilian) as well as several explosive precursors for commercial use.

Ammunition Depot Guards

This section is responsible for the security of the Ammunition Depot located within Fort Mosta.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), IED & Divers Platoon
This platoon sized element performs any task related to explosives or diving on a 24/7 basis.

This platoon carries out operations related to Conventional Munitions Disposal (CMD), Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD), fireworks factories related incidents, response to explosions, and underwater search and recovery operations. The platoon also carries out ship husbandry to AFM Maritime Squadron's patrol vessels.
Being the sole professional EOD technicians on the Island, security screening both on land and underwater as tasked by HQ AFM is carried out by this specialized platoon. 
 Contact Name 
Headquarters AFM
Luqa Barracks
Luqa VLT2000

(+356) 2249 4016