Royal Malta Artillery (1889 - 1970)

Royal Malta Artillery (1889 - 1970)

​In 1889 the Royal Malta Fencible Artillery was renamed as the Royal Malta Artillery. The removal of 'fencible' from the previous title was done in honour of the service carried out in the Egypt campaign in 1882.
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Royal Malta Artillery (RMA)​ 
The RMA played a major part in Malta's defence during the Second World War and was made up of the following units;
Royal Malta Artillery (RMA) Regiments & Batteries 
The Royal Malta Artillery HQ - Upper St. Elmo
1st Coast Regiment ​Fort Rocco
2nd HAA Regiment ​Fort Tigne
3rd LAA Regiment ​Fort St. Elmo
5th Coast Regiment ​Independent
5th HAA Battery ​Delimara
6th HAA Battery ​Mtarfa
7th HAA Battery ​Luqa
8th Searchlight Battery ​Mtarfa
11th HAA Regiment RMA (Territorial Unit)  
14th HAA Battery (disbanded April 1943 & taken over by 5th HAA)  

LAA - Light Anti Aircraft - Used 40mm Bofors on low flying aircraft. Each Battalion was equipped with medium machine guns and operated Bren Gun Carriers.

On the 21st September, 1939 the 11th Regt., RMA was formed as a Territorial Anti Aircraft Regiment composed of two Heavy and one Light Batteries. The former were 20 and 21 Batteries, while the latter was 22 Battery, armed with 10 Bofors 40mm guns. On the 18th of March, 1941 the first (and only) RMA Light AA Regiment was formed.The 3rd LAA Regt, RMA  took under its wings 22 Battery, as well as 30 Battery, better known as the Dockyard Defence Battery. The other was the newly-formed 10 Battery. Lt. Col. EJ Salomone was the first Commanding Officer of the Regiment, staying for the duration of the war.

7th Anti Aircraft Brigade - 1941 comprising of: 
     3rd LAA Regiment
     11th HAA Regiment
     7th HAA Regiment RA
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 Anti Aircraft Gun​
In a June 1941 report, 3rd LAA Regt., RMA, 11th HAA Regt., RMA and 7th HAA Regt., RA are shown as the components of the 7th Anti- Aircraft Brigade, under the command of Brigadier NV Sadler, RA. 3rd LAA Regt., RMA was disbanded at the end of the war, only to be reformed in September 1951 as a Territorial Regiment, along with the 11th HAA Regt.
When the British Army switched to guided missiles for defence against high-flying aircraft, 11th HAA was turned into a LAA Regt., and some time later it was amalgamated with 3rd LAA, to form the 3/11th Light Air Defence Regt, RMA as part of the post-Independence Malta Land Force.
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Between 1962 to 1970 1st Regiment RMA served with distinction in the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) where they were accommodated at Moore Barracks, Dortmund. They then moved on to Wrexham Barracks, Mülheim, where they served until 1978. Unfortunately, on being recalled to Malta the Regiment was disbanded and in 1970 RMA become Malta Land Force (MLF) with effect from 13th December 1974 of Malta becoming a Republic. Malta Land Force (MLF) take the responsibility of the Islands and the Government of Malta.​​
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