Timeline of AFM's Lineage

1798 - The First Maltese Army set-up by a Maltese Government & Constitution was on 4th September 1798.
1800 - Maltese Light Infantry battalion formed, under the command of Brigadier General Thomas Graham as part of the British Army.
1802 - Previous battalion disbanded and succeeded by the Maltese Provincial Battalions, the Malta Coast Artillery and the Maltese Veterans​.
1815 - Royal Malta Fencible Regiment succeeded the previous three units
1861 - Regiment became known as the Royal Malta Fencible Artillery
1889 - New Regiment set up: Royal Malta Artillery (RMA)​
1939 - 1945 - RMA​ played a major part in the defence of Malta during the War.
1962 - 1970 - 1st Regiment RMA served with distinction in the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR)
1965 - ​The Malta Land Force (MLF)​ was formed.
1970 - Royal Malta Artillery was transferred to the Malta Land Force (MLF)​ and fell under the responsibility of the Government of Malta.
1973 - Armed Forces of Malta (AFM). New responsibilities included the raising of the Malta Pioneer Corps and the Dirghajn il-Maltin. These two labour corps were replaced by the Dejma Corps which existed from 1981 - 1989
1980 - 1988 -  The AFM is divided into two separate units known as the AFM and the Task Force, each commanded by a Colonel. 
1988 -  The two units were re-amalgamated into the AFM under the unified command of a Brigadier.
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