Maltese Veterans (1802 - 1815)
The Corps of Veterans consisted of four companies. They were chiefly recruited from the old foot-soldiers of the Knights who had returned to Malta after they had been conscripted and taken to Egypt by General Napoleon Bonaparte. These men naturally felt a great hatred for the French on account of the ill-treatment that they had undergone while serving in the French Army of the Orient.
Maltese Officer Veteran
Maltese Veterans
 The officers of this corps were all Maltese, with the exception of the adjutants, who were English officers transferred from English regiments. Their duties included the guarding of public buildings and assistance to the Civil Police at the request of the Civil Government.
(Adapted from Regimental History RMA and KOMR, History of the RMA, Historical Records of the Maltese Corps in the British Army Illustrations by Chev Edward Caruana-Dingli)