Careers in the Armed Forces of Malta

The Armed Forces of Malta offers a plethora of career paths for young men and women with the drive to live an adventurous lifestyle. The professional training offered takes you a step further to get to know your limits both physically and mentally whilst gearing you up to confront the toughest of challenges.
Being an active member of the Armed Forces not only immerses you in a military way of life but gives you the possibility to undergo specialised training. Becoming a Ships Captain, Air Pilot, IT Specialist, Underwater Diver, Bomb disposal expert and a multitude of other highly specialised careers is just one step away. The Armed Forces of Malta is always on the lookout for personnel that not only fulfil the minimum requirements but have a strong character and the determination to achieve. To continue functioning like every other modern armed force, the Armed Forces of Malta regularly requires personnel with technical expertise such as marine engineers, aircraft technicians and qualified communications and information systems specialists.
Today, a Maltese soldier must be prepared to serve both locally and overseas as part of multinational deployments. Becoming an operative element within the Armed Forces moulds a special bond of camaraderie with fellow soldiers and widens your knowledge in various fields. A military career is indeed demanding but our men and women serve the Nation’s interest with their head held up high knowing that being an Armed Forces of Malta member is not just a job but a way of life.
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