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As a soldier in the AFM, several opportunities are available for you to commit yourself to your Country.
You can serve within the AFM either on Active Duty or as a Reservist. By doing Active Duty you will be serving on a full time engagement for the duration of your enlistment's service which you sign up for - this will be your profession.
As a Reservist, you will be pledging your service to the Country whilst continuing on your own personal separate career path. Both Active Duty and Reservists are soldiers in their own right and may be deployed anywhere as necessary.
As an Enlisted Soldier, you will have the specific job skills coupled with the physical and emotional strength to ensure success of the team on every mission.
Contrary to common perception you do not have to be a sculpted bodybuilder nor a Harvard scholar. You just have to believe in your potential and you will face physically gruelling challenges whilst being able to keep your concentration and remember the essential theory even in dire situations.
Imagine being part of a group of soldiers and their Officers who are just finishing a days' work- a call is received and everyone is informed that a critical situation is on. You are ordered to 'Stand-To' and to get kitted and be ready to act at short notice. Competent authorities assess the situation and command is given to engage in a professional manner even if the odds are not always clear...
What kicks in? A Commissioned Officer, an Enlisted Soldier or a Reservist's competence rests on three fundamental pillars: Physical Training, Skill at Arms and Drill. Basic Training will ensure that any soldier will master these crucial skill sets so higher goals may be attained.
Physical Training - Physical Training is important for everyone and for every age group. Sport makes you physically able to cope with day-to-day demands and also enhances your team play. Being part of a team is what life in the military is about. Are you active? Do you consider yourself a team player?
Basic Requirements - The first step in the recruitment process is a Physical Efficiency Test. You would be required to do a set amount of Push-Ups, Sit-Ups and a 2 mile run as stipulated in the Malta Government Gazette call for enlistment. An Ordinary Level of education is required - make sure that you get the highest scores possible in your exams to get a head-start.
Drill - Similar to other military organizations the AFM holds drill in high esteem. Drill enhances discipline - the backbone of any reckonable Force. You can answerable favourably to your recruiter and say you love discipline - it sounds good. But what do you really understand by it? Take a few seconds and think about it then proceed to read...
Recruitment Training
Candidates who are successful in the AFM Selection process will be engaged in the AFM as Recruits and must all undergo an arduous 18 week course in preparation for their military career.  This Basic Military Training Course, commonly referred to as Recruitment, gives the new recruits all the basic skills that every soldier serving within all units of the AFM will require during their military career.
The aim of the recruitment is to develop recruits into effective soldiers, capable of operating under stress, in dangerous situations and adverse conditions.  For this reason, the recruitment is very demanding both physically and mentally. This requires recruits to be fully committed and dedicated to the training and determined to succeed.  This training prepares the recruits to be part of a Team in order to overcome the challenges ahead of them, exposing them to new experiences and friendships.     
The first challenge that you will face as a recruit is that of adapting to military life.  Embracing the military system is not an easy feat and to some this might prove difficult to get accustomed to.  From the very beginning of your training you will be required to continuously follow strict orders and procedures, and learn to live by the Army Values and Standards which are essential to the effectiveness of the AFM.  You will be required to live in barracks for two weeks, which living in  period will help you to bond further with fellow recruits and work more effectively as a team.  
During the recruitment you will be trained in a number of different military skills.  These include weapons training, ceremonial drill, basic field craft, map reading, navigation and how to communicate over the radio.  In addition to this you will be physically trained to improve your physical robustness​ and endurance which will prepare you to perform your duties as a member of the AFM.  Throughout the recruitment you will be tested in all the different topics that are covered and one must successfully pass all assessments in order to successfully complete the training.  At the end of the course, all successful candidates will pass out and are given the rank of Gunner to serve in any of the units pertaining to the AFM.
Basic Military Training within Training School AFM is also accredited by NCHFE and successful candidates are awarded a MQF Level 3 Certificate.
On the other hand, candidates applying for Officer Cadets will undergo Basic Military Training just like recruits, but will then be sent abroad to further their skills and training. Overseas training for Officer Cadets is conducted in prestigious and renowned military academies, including the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (UK), Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth (UK), Irish Defence Force Academy (Ireland) and Italian Naval Academy, Livorno (Italy).

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