Soldier Testimonial

 Gunner Jessica Gauci
I always had a dream of becoming a soldier and joining the Armed Forces of Malta as I wished I could pursue a career that offers more than just a regular job – I wanted a career that offers a challenge. Before being given the opportunity to embark on my AFM experience, I continued my studies and commenced my two year sixth form experience which I terminated positively.
Whilst pursuing my academic achievements, my military interests and dreams persisted and although I gave my utmost in my studies, my heart and mind were with the Armed Forces. I incessantly followed AFM activities and inquired with the AFM whether any applications for recruitment were available. My determination and long wait materialized when a call for applications was issued in the Malta Government Gazette. I felt my dream getting closer than ever. Back then, a military career in Malta’s Armed Forces interested me above all for the adventure and the physical training involved.
They say discipline is key to success in anything you do in life. I was determined to succeed in my dream and a few months after I applied to become a soldier, I started my 4 month recruitment. I must admit that reaching my dream was no easy feat but with some determination, sacrifices and a little bit of help from my family, I managed to overcome the various challenges I faced.
The 16 week recruitment experience thought me several important principles that I still use in my daily routine to this date. In order to succeed in life, you need to work on a number of talents and abilities – build a strong character, learn how to work in a team effectively, be punctual, polish the skill required to work independently and precisely and above all, take on the responsibility for all the tasks you perform. Being good is not enough, you have to strive to be the best in what you do – this is my motto today. The lessons I learned during my recruitment help me in my everyday tasks and thanks to this experience, today, I feel more responsible and independent than ever before.
Besides the values that have been instilled in me throughout my military experience, I’ve also been given the opportunity to delve deeper into my hobbies by pursuing a foundation course in coaching which will open my horizons even further. As far as my military career goes, I intend to keep on improving my skills and continue training physically whilst incessantly doing my best in everything I do.
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