VRF Testimonial

Gunner Mildred Atanasio
I have been part of the AFM since 2010. I still consider myself ‘new' as I am still learning and experiencing new skills, however, the VRF experience has been rounding me as a person from the very beginning - both individually as well as part of a wider community. A great opportunity where this development takes place is during the 8-day annual training camp. Within the VRF no one works on his/her own. This is not always easy, especially since we come from very different backgrounds: teachers, technicians, students, parents, engineers, doctors, managers and beauty therapists to mention a few.
The annual training camp is without doubt our most important exercise where we put into practice what we have learnt throughout the years: training on the field, physical training (including combat PT, fitness and physical tests), lectures, weapon training (including rifle, pistol and ZPU among others), as well as other battle skills essential in the infantry such as, radio procedures, map reading, movement on the field and camouflage.
When I decided to join the VRF some asked whether I knew what I was getting myself into. I guess they figured that being a female teacher, a university student and an athlete would be tough. It is! But, almost two years after I joined the VRF, I can say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Nevertheless, I do not regret for one minute adding VRF training to my repertoire. It rewards me with pride, satisfaction and more determination to become a better soldier and citizen.
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