Get fit for the Army

​Why your fitness matters to the Army?
As the Romans used to put it, a healthy mind in a healthy body is fundamental. Whether before your engagement in the army or in your daily life, following a different career path the following information is a stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle.
It might seem obvious, but it is worth thinking about before you start your army training programme. The reasons for being physically fit in the army goes beyond being able to march for a certain distance in a certain time or being able to lift a particular weight- they are to do with the physical and mental effects of training.
There will be times in your Army career when you are asked to perform tasks in difficult conditions, to a challenging deadline, when you are wet, cold and tired. If you haven't toughened up your mind and body to operate under stress then you might not be able to get the job done. There are times when you will need to use your mind to overcome the exhaustion of your body, and other occasions when you will have to rely on sheer physical strength to get you through. Physical fitness and good health prepare the body to cope with these challenges better.
Another highly useful side-effect of exercise is that the more you move your body around, the stronger the links between your muscles and brain will become. This means that your reflexes will be sharp and you will be able to react to any unforeseen situation in split-second.
But rising to physical challenges is not just an individual Endeavour. You will be asked to operate as part of a team in the Army, and your colleagues will need to be able to call on your fitness. Being confident in your own physical ability will make you a better team player and a better soldier.
Another benefit of exercise is improved health. Exercise helps the heart; lungs and blood do their job. Because blood carries oxygen, energy and heat that your muscles and organs need, exercise makes your body work better. Injuries are less likely to halt your progress because your muscles are better prepared for hard work and your brain is able to control them better.
So not only will getting physical fit set you up for a career in the Army, it will help you feel healthier and give you a sense of achievement as you see your performance steadily improve.
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