2nd Lieutenant Matthew Zammit
Prior to joining the AFM I studied engineering at MCAST and a career in the military offered an opportunity to combine an adventurous lifestyle and engineering. Indeed, in 2009 a call for recruitment for Officer Cadets was published in the government gazette where I decided to apply for the post.
The officer cadetship course started a few months later. After completing basic training in Malta, two other fellow officer cadets and myself were sent to Ireland to follow a cadetship 15-month course with the Irish Defence Force at The Military College Ireland. Training covered a combination of practical and academic instruction with specialization in land operations management as well as leadership and defence studies.
On successful completion of the course in Ireland, I was given a posting to the AFM Air Wing. My duties on a day-to-day basis involve the maintaince of appropriate aircraft documentation e.g.mandatory aircraft documents and, aircraft maintenance. My job provides me with a hands-on opportunity to further my engineering experience and widens further the scope of my profession. I personally feel that this working environment has met my expectations on the job. Other opportunities to practice fitness training, attend courses and collaborate with colleagues on projects are contributing factors towards a unique career. Being a young officer in the AFM gives you the unique opportunity to serve the Nation with a head held up high.