European Union Border Assistance Mission in Rafah (EUBAM RAFAH)

European Union Border Assistance Mission in Rafah (EUBAM RAFAH)


On 15 Nov 2005, Israel and the Palestinian Authority concluded an "Agreement on Movement and Access", including agreed principles for the Rafah crossing in GAZA. On 21 Nov 2005, the Council of the EU welcomed the Agreement and agreed that the EU should undertake the Third Party role proposed in the Agreement. It therefore decided to launch the EU Border Assistance Mission at the Rafah crossing point, code-named EUBAM Rafah, to monitor the operations of this border crossing point. The operational phase of the Mission began on 30 Nov 2005.

The Rafah crossing point was last opened with the presence of EUBAM Rafah on 9 Jun 2007. Since then, the mission has remained on standby, ready to re-engage in 24 hours and awaiting a political solution. On 19 May 2008 the Council adopted a joint action extending until 24 November 2008 the mandate of the mission and on 10 November 2008, the Council extended the mandate of the EUBAM Rafah Mission.

Malta Contribution
Following a decision by the Council of the EU to reactivate the EU’s Border Assistance Mission in RAFAH, in Jan 2009, the Armed Forces of Malta offered two non-commissioned officers to serve as Malta’s Force offering towards this mission. The two AFM nominees selected to participate in EUBAM RAFAH are presently on standby to deploy in theatre at a fourteen day notice to move.
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