Following the adoption of UNSCR (United Nations Security Council Resolution) 1973, the EU decided through Council Decision 2011/210/CFSP of 1 Apr 2011, that, if requested by UN OCHA (Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs), it would conduct a CSDP Operation ‘EUFOR Libya’ to support humanitarian assistance in the region, in full respect of the principles governing humanitarian action, particularly impartiality and neutrality.

The EUFOR Libya Operation Headquarters was established in Rome, Italy.

Once deployed, EUFOR Libya would:
     Contribute to the safe movement and evacuation of displaced persons;
     Support, with specific capabilities, the humanitarian agencies in their activities.

The provisions in UNSCR 1973 concerning the protection of civilians and the UN-mandated No-Fly Zone were terminated on 31 Oct 2011 following the adoption of UNSCR 2016 (2011). EUFOR Libya Operation Headquarters (OHQ) was officially closed down on the 10 Nov 2011.

AFM Contribution

Following the opening of the EUFOR Libya Operational Headquarters (OHQ) in Rome, an AFM Officer was seconded on the staff of the same HQ. Concurrently, another AFM Officer who, at the time, was seconded to the EU Military Staff, was also deployed by the EUMS to ROME.

In June 2011, two AFM senior officers were selected by the EU to form part of an EU pool of Security Sector Reform experts. In November 2011, another AFM Officer was selected to form part of the ten-person Integrated Border Management Team for Libya.
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